Picture Perfect

The other day I was going through some old photos that I’ve kept in a box.  Looking at all the beautiful memories collected over the past couple of years, took me back to different events in my life and some photos made me laugh and some made me cry!  But within that photo box was another smaller box.  This smaller box was full of all the negative film.

In the past negatives were normally used to make positive prints on photographic paper.  They would use the negatives in a certain process to develop the positive photos.  These days everything is digital so the negative films are not commonly known to be used for every photo developed.

Looking through these negative films and trying to make out the actual photos were very interesting! These negative photos portray the opposite of the actual photo that was taken, so it makes the image look weird and distorted and you can’t really make out who is in the pic!  So, I was wondering, how funny would it be to put those negative photos up in your picture frames, hang them on your wall, put them on your desks instead of the actual positive photos! Thank goodness for the person that invented the correct process of photo development and of course for instant digital printing! 

So many of us, have our “negatives” up instead of the actual beautiful “positive” photos. I’m talking figuratively here. Those “negatives films” are moments in our lives that we wish never happened.  Focusing on those “negatives” can remind us of many wrong decisions, failures, hurts, mistakes etc.  We’ve even put them up in frames and we look at them every day. When we look at those negative films we see the lie that is the opposite of what it actually is.   And the enemy loves to throw our “negatives” in our faces! Yes, it all happened.  The “camera” took the picture… But we can choose to hold on to those in a box somewhere. Even as a believer, we can still hold on to those negatives.

In my own life, lately I have sat with Jesus and He’s been sorting out my “negative” box. The box that I have been keeping and reminding myself of all the ugliness of my past. All the distorted images that I have been focused on.  We can sometimes be in denial of having that box full of “Negatives”.  Like myself,  we might get rid of 1 or 2 but still hold on to a whole other bunch! But Jesus has been taking it one by one and exchanging it for beautiful pictures.

Jesus has already taken all those “negatives” in our lives and He literally “burned” them at the cross. All we need to do is to receive His supply of the beautiful images of the truth. That we are FORGIVEN.  We are REDEEMED.  We are His PRECIOUS DAUGHTERS and we are RIGHTEOUS in His eyes.  He remembers those negative films no more!!!


He sees a beautiful colourful photo of YOU. He wants you to see it too! Let go of all the negative film that you are collecting, give it to Jesus. It has no use and it is a lie. You might say, my “negative” is really nasty and it can’t be turned into anything better!  Well, have you ever looked at a negative and saw any pretty ones at all? No, there’s always one worse than the other. But those are usually the photos that come out the most beautiful! Jesus is the perfect restorer and there’s nothing that He can’t do. His perfect grace will turn every ugly negative film, the ones from the past, the ones from today and even tomorrow into a beautiful colourful collage of His LOVE.



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