In Christ

God is saying draw near to Me. All that Jesus is, you are. He is restoring you from the inside out during this time! He is The GOOD shepherd, there to nourish you, help you, show you the way to bless you. He is there to protect you; He is your covering! There shall be no lack in you. Your good Shepard loves you to the point that He gave His life for you, there is no holding back on His part.

During this time of lock-down it’s easy to get so fixated on our lack and everything we may not have, that we stop resting in the Good shepherd. But the TRUTH IS we already have the victory and every provision in Him! Let Him be Lord in your life in every area, always and especially during this season. Be reminded of His goodness and His character towards you.

Whatever you have gone through or are going through – God is a God of restoration! When God redeems and restores its always better than before, more and better that what you originally had. His promise is 120% restoration. But I do want to say, don’t reason with God on how He is going to do it or when He will do it, because then we are trying to play God. Rest in Him, receive His peace wherever you are at today. God is not a distant God that is far away from His children, God is our loving and caring Shepherd and He is in and amongst our lives! When He is Lord, we allow for Him to have access and to take the lead.

He will lead us on paths that take us higher, He will order our steps into blessing and provision.

He is first interested in getting us to sit and be still, to restore us and refresh us, to remind us of our right standing in Him – we are righteous children of God. God didn’t bring this virus but God will surely use this for our good, in Jesus name.

Also what is important to know, is that God doesn’t tempt us or bring trials or viruses our way, but He will surely turn them for our good. True redemption and restoration is when your enemies are still shouting accusations at you, BUT it doesn’t move you from leaning and relying on Jesus! YOU have HIS peace no matter what happens around you!

Your joy is intact; no circumstance, no lock-down, no virus or person can take that from you, this is what I believe is TRUE breakthrough, restoration and redemption through God’s eye view.

I think it would be a miss, when we get the breakthrough, when we get to the other side of this lock-down and virus and nothing has changed on the inside of us! When you walk out that mountain until it becomes a plain, leaning into Jesus in the darkness, singing and rejoicing in the storm, knowing Whose you are and who you are in the presence of your enemies, is something that will develop and grow you! It will strengthen you and build character that cannot be shaken! God is always working and fighting for us, even when He feels silent. His timing is perfect.

I believe TRUE restoration and redemption begins and ends in us fully being content in Him and having that overwhelming revelation of what He did for us at the Cross. This brings peace that surpasses all understanding. Even when we don’t have that job yet, we have peace. Even though symptoms keep coming up in our body – we know the devil is a liar, we are healed and whole by Jesus’s broken body. Our bank account may say zero, but we know our Lord’s character and heart towards us!

Let’s not focus on fruit, let’s focus on the Root; JESUS.

Success, finances, homes, cars, relationships, health are peripheral to God, but God is not peripheral to our needs or desires. He SO cares for what concerns our heart. He will provide because He is Good not because we are good.

The more you have your eyes on JESUS, the things we need or desire will follow without us striving or trying to work it out or make our breakthrough happen. It will flow from rest in JESUS our GOOD shepherd. In fact the blessings will chase YOU down. He has set us up to win and placed our feet on higher ground. As Jesus is, so are we in this world; HEALED, WHOLE, REDEEMED, RIGHTEOUS, LOVED, FULLY SUPPLIED!!

All my love

Tara x

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