Dare to speak

Hi, my name is Cody Gaasenbeek, originally from Romania, now living in Holland with my wonderful Dutch husband, Marcel. Together we have two daughters.

I just love the theme of Gracious: ‘Daughter with a voice’, because this has been such a big thing in my life. The Lord helped me rise up out of insecurities and dare to use my voice. I have always been intimidated by almost everyone around me, being convinced that nothing I could say would be as significant as they were. So I kept quiet….

When I look throughout the bible, starting with Eve, going on with Sarah and later on Mary, I see that women have always played an important role, not just in their environment but also eventually in the human history. Whether their contribution was positive of not, they marked the history through whom they choose to be and how they acted upon that.

I believe everything in this life here on earth starts with your identity. The first years of a child’s life are crucial. That is when he gets to hear, feel and sense who he is, and whom he belongs to. That will determine how he will develop in life. Therefore, when we get born again, we have the same need as a new-born baby in a family. We need to hear, feel and sense who we are. Our identity. In our case that is: DAUGHTER. And not just a daughter but a daughter of the most High God, a daughter who is always loved, always accepted, always believed in, always encouraged, always favored, always forgiven. In this new identity, we need to get rooted, established, and grow, but even this we don’t have to do on our own, our Daddy God is helping in this whole process.

But know, it doesn’t stop there. There is more, much more. Because once we receive, once we get full, we start running over. This is where our voice comes in handy. When we are born again into His family, we get an authority that is able to move mountains. And by the sound of your voice, mountains will move!

So let me encourage you with this: you matter, you have something to say, you have something to add, your colour is needed, you are part of His body and your VOICE needs to be heard -according to His Word. Whether that is at home, encouraging your husband and your children and speaking grace over them or at your work, or in your regroup, or in the ministry, wherever the Lord called you, use your voice and see mountains move!!

Be bold! Your environment and eventually the world is waiting for you to rise up.

Speak life, speak grace, speak forgiveness and acceptance!!

Rom 8:19 – For the creation waits in eager expectation for the daughters of God to be revealed.

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